Why You Should Book a Wedding Photographer for the Whole Day

When booking a wedding photographer, you’ll often hear terms like ‘full day-’ or ‘half-day coverage’ mentioned. Some wedding photographers offer coverage for a set number of hours. Many offer a variety of packages, catering for all weddings and budgets. While I will offer shorter coverage if asked, I do typically offer a full day service. Starting in the morning as you’re getting ready, I’ll hang around until the dancing gets underway in the evening. So, here’s why I’ll always recommend booking your wedding photographer for a whole day – from wedding prep right through to that first dance.

bride and groom in clonwillam garden at night

A little bit of history

Way back when, before digital photography, wedding photographers only used to cover a few key events from your day. They’d capture you arriving at the church and some key moments from the ceremony like exchanging the rings and that first kiss. Afterwards, the confetti throw and formal group photos outside. Finally, they might get a few chosen moments from your reception, such as cutting the cake and your first dance. Interestingly, they wouldn’t wait for those moments to happen though. They would stage the reception shots and they’d be off on their way before your party got going.

The restrictions of film photography were key. It wouldn’t be uncommon for wedding photographers to do more than one wedding in a day back then either!

bride and grooms frist dance

Modern-day storytelling

Thankfully, things have changed for the better. 

There’s more emphasis on capturing and sharing the story of your wedding day. The thinking behind that is, how can you tell the whole story if you’re not there to see it all?

What happens in the morning, as you’re getting ready, has as much importance as the moment you exchange your vows. Your wedding is about the two of you getting married. But it’s also about the people you bring along to celebrate with you. Your family and friends. Your best man. The bridesmaids. Auntie Flo or your Grandad who doesn’t get out too much these days.

How often is it you have your entire life, family, friendships and relationships all in one space to celebrate? And all that is part of your story!

Those people all influence who you are as a person and who you both are as a couple. So, if your photographer can be there to capture as much of your story, your history and YOUR LIFE as possible, then that’s a pretty special thing.

wedding guest's dancing the night away

You had to be there…

You know when you’re telling a funny story about something, but the other person isn’t getting it? Eventually, you say “Oh, you had to be there!” Because that’s the only way they’ll find the story even remotely amusing. 

Well, if you’re doing things the traditional way, then you’ll both be getting ready apart. So there’s a whole bunch of stuff you’ll miss, like when you open your gifts and cards from one another. Or when he practises his speech. Or she has her veil put on. 

If your photographer is there to capture it, you’ll at least be able to see a little bit of what went on before finally meeting at the end of the aisle.

night time image of the groom and his bride

Time for the details

Morning prep is great for capturing all the fun of getting ready. It’s also a great time to capture those details we won’t be able to get at any other time. 

Things like your dress as it hangs waiting to be worn. Truthfully, it won’t ever look as good again, because it’s going to get a bit dirty through the course of the day! Also your shoes, jewellery, flowers and so on. All these things will either not last beyond the wedding day or won’t look all shiny and new anymore. So it’s lovely to have photographs of them for posterity. Not to mention, the wedding rings! Since you’ll likely be wearing them after the day is over!

If you’re getting ready in the location of your ceremony, we can also capture images of your guests arriving. This gives us more opportunities to get photographs of your loved ones.

bride and groom at barberstown castle

It’s called a Wedding DAY!

It’s not a wedding lunch or wedding morning/evening. It’s called a wedding day for good reason. It’s a day of celebration! Things are going on throughout the entire day, which all has some bearing on the wedding. So, it’s great to get the entire picture of the day, as it were!

Again, the longer your photographer is there, the better chance they’ll have to capture at least one photograph of each guest. You should know, some guests are good at giving us photographers the slip!

To reassure you…

Just because we’re there all day, it doesn’t mean we’ll be capturing every single moment. 

No one likes photographs being taken while they’re eating. So, we tend to take a break when you are sitting down for food. That allows us to build our energy back up again so we can capture the rest of the post-meal fun – your speeches, cutting that cake for real and the actual first dance. As well as all the funky shapes your guests will be throwing on the dance floor later!

And if you’ve planned an exit with sparklers or a fireworks display for your guests, we can even stay and capture that as well. Discuss it with us first though, so we don’t leave too early and miss the fun!

wedding guest dances the night away

Looking for a photographer who loves capturing the FULL story of your day? Then give me a shout and let’s have a chat.