Everything a Groom and his Groomsmen Should Know

There’s a whole host of wedding blog posts out there for the ladies, isn’t there? Hints and tips about choosing her dress, what flowers she should have for each season, makeup hints and so on. But there’s not much for the boys. Well, gents, this one is for you. Wedding tips for the boys – for the groom and his groomsmen too. Are you ready to be a groom in the know?

groom and groomsmen having a drink

Morning Prep

Whether you’re getting ready in the same location as your good lady or somewhere else entirely, there are a few things you should do the morning of your wedding.

1. Don’t be hungover

On your wedding day, you’re going to be meeting and talking to lots of people. Perhaps even family members on your other half’s side you might not have met before. Do you want their first impression of you to be you with a hangover? Not to mention you’re going to be exchanging some serious vows and having your photographs taken. Being grey-faced and clammy or needing to throw up mid-ceremony will not be a good look!

2 Be ready for your photographer

Know what time your photographer will be arriving to get some photos with you and your groomsmen and be ready for them. If you’re about to head into the shower when they arrive, you’ll miss out on getting some great shots because they’ll have to dash back to your bride. Be showered and at least half-dressed before they arrive. That way, they can get some photos of you finishing up and some smart photos of you and your groomsmen all together.

3. Unpack your suit the night before

Pulling your shirt out of its packet on the morning of your wedding only to realise it’s full of creases can induce panic. You now need to rush around getting it ironed when you should be relaxing and enjoying the morning of your wedding. Have everything out and ready the night before leaving you more time to chill out in the morning.

4. Practice before the day

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen grooms and their groomsmen scrambling around for a YouTube video tutorial on how to tie a dicky bow or cravat minutes before they’re supposed to leave for the church. Learn it before the day, boys! It’s not that difficult! Here’s a video to get you started.

Minimising Nerves

It’s natural to feel a bit nervous on your wedding day. But don’t let it hold you back. Here are my top tips to reduce those nerves.

5. Be prepared

Have your speech pre-written and kept somewhere safe. Also keep a back up on your phone, just in case!

6. Dutch courage

This isn’t about getting drunk or being hungover. A little dutch courage is fine. It’s a great bonding moment with your groomsmen over a secret hip flask and makes for some brilliant photos.

7. The rings

Make sure those rings are being looked after by someone trustworthy and reliable. This might not necessarily be the best man – especially if he’s a bit forgetful or a bit clumsy!

8. Take a minute

It’s going to be a full-on day and you’re one half of the center of attention. If you’re feeling a bit nervous, take a couple of minutes away from everyone to be by yourself. Just let someone know what you’re doing so they don’t think you’ve run off!

Some Things to Remember

9. Mind those pockets

You’ll spend a lot of time getting dressed up for your big day. So don’t then spoil it by having things like your phone outline showing in your trouser pocket in all your photographs. Today is not the day to use your pockets as a storage device. Put your phone elsewhere and don’t fill your pockets with loose change and your car keys!

10. Buttonholes on the left

Your buttonhole should be on the left lapel of your suit. And don’t try to stick it through the actual buttonhole! Pin it to the lapel over the buttonhole. Better yet, get your Mum or best man to do it for you for an excellent photo opportunity.

buttonhole flower

11. It’s okay to show emotion

It’s your wedding day! You’re allowed to get a bit emotional if that’s what you’re feeling. Put aside the “be a man” thoughts. This is your wedding day. Show your partner how much you love them. Also, ignore the camera and concentrate on looking at them.

groom crying

12. And, for the ultimate brownie points

Write your bride a note to be delivered to her on the morning of the wedding. Make sure it gets there when you know the photographer will be there. It’ll create a beautiful photo moment and your bride will love it (and you) even more. You’ll no doubt score endless brownie points with her family too!

Boys, at the end of the day, this wedding is as much about you as it is about your bride. So, be present. Take part. Enjoy every moment and have a great day because you’ll then have so many amazing photographs to look back on afterwards.

bride reading letter from the groom

And, when you’re ready to book a wedding photographer, give me a call. I’d love to chat with you about your plans.