Let’s Talk About Wedding Albums

Ok, this is going to sound a bit old-fashioned. What can I say? When it comes to wedding albums, I’m not “down with the kids”. But it’s my belief that investing in a wedding album should be as much a priority as budgeting for your designer dress or an extra tier on your cake. It should be MORE of a priority. Here’s why.

Print vs Digital

Growing up, I remember the giant carrier bag of prints and negatives in the back of the dining room cabinet. Did you ever have one of those? What I loved most about it was that now and again, we’d find a reason to pull that bag out and spread the photos over the table. Those few hours of sharing pictures, stories and memories were always some of my favourites with my family. I can categorically state we’ve never done that around the computer screen, clicking through digital files and folders!

Another favourite memory was looking through Mum and Dad’s wedding album. Getting it out was always such an event. We’d have to place it on the table carefully or cradle it on our laps and delicately turn the pages, interspersed with tissue paper, as we looked through it. It was always a treat to look through their wedding album, and I’ll never forget it.

Sure, digital images take up less physical space. But that also means they’re out of sight and well out of mind. You can’t ignore an album on a shelf or a big bag or box of prints you can trip over. And there’s nothing like a nostalgic trip down memory lane, flipping through all the photos when you do.

It’s Not Just A Book

Your wedding album is so much more than just a book of photographs. It’s a family heirloom. It’s a physical reminder of memories that you can sit with on any given afternoon, perched on your knees as you flip the pages and remember the fantastic day you had.

Remember, memories fade but, with careful storage, photos will remain. 

There’s something sentimental about wedding albums too. They’re priceless, and your kids and grandkids will treasure your wedding album as much as you ever did.

Some Things To Remember

Lots of couples promise themselves they’ll get a wedding album after the wedding is over. But only a small percentage of them ever do. It’s one of those jobs that stays on the “to-do list” and never gets done. Like promising you’ll get a photo printed and on your wall, or popping those old prints into albums. 

The thing is, it’s easy to shy away from the investment of a good wedding album. Especially when you’ve paid out for the wedding itself and the honeymoon afterwards. Good wedding albums don’t come cheap. They are an investment, I agree. But I do believe they’re an investment that’s worth making.

My advice is, if you want a wedding album, put it in your budget from the very beginning. Book it in even before the wedding takes place. Factor it into your wedding photography package so that, when the wedding’s over, you’ll have your digitals and a beautiful album to show your family. After all, Granny who can’t figure out an iPad is going to prefer looking through your wedding album, isn’t she? Go on, do it for your Granny!

Brenda's wedding album

How To Plan Your Album

I make it as simple as I can for you while giving you plenty of options to customise your album and make it yours. 

You choose the images that go into the album. After all, you’re the ones who are going to be looking through that album for years to come! I recommend choosing around 60 images as a minimum, but you can go up from there. I’ll let you know how much the extra pages will cost, depending on the number of photos you pick.

You can choose cover colours and styles, and I’ll guide you through that process. Your album will be unique to you, and it is going to look beautiful.

Once you’ve picked your photos, I’ll design the layout for you and then send it over to you for approval before it goes off to the printers. Then it’s a matter of waiting for it to arrive! It’s a hassle-free process, and you’ll be so glad you factored it into your budget.

If you’d like to find out more about wedding photography and albums for your special day, we should chat!

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