Celebrate Your Engagement

Why Should You Have an Engagement Shoot?

A lot of couples ask me why they should have an engagement shoot as part of their wedding photography package. They worry that it sounds a bit old fashioned or will be too formal and not an enjoyable experience. I say, in that case, don’t think of it as an “engagement” shoot at all. Look at it as a couple’s shoot or practise session instead! And here’s why I think you should have one of these shoots with me as part of your wedding photography package.

It builds confidence

Not everyone enjoys having their photograph taken. It can be a stressful experience for some people. But couples book a wedding photographer as it’s expected to have some professional photographs of this milestone event. For some couples, their wedding day might the very first time in their adult lives that they’ve ever had professional photographs taken! And it can be a daunting experience if you don’t know what to expect.

 That’s why I suggested thinking of an engagement session as more of a practise shoot. Not for me, I promise I already know what I’m doing! But it’ll give you guys an understanding of what having your photograph taken might feel like. Then you can see, from the results, that it’s not the terrifying experience you might have imagined.

engaeged couple walk togeather holding hands

It helps us all to get to know one another

If you’ve booked me to be your wedding photographer and we’ve only met once before, then an engagement shoot helps us all to get to know one another better. Engagement shoots typically go on for an hour or two and we might arrange to meet for a drink first if you like (I definitely won’t complain!). So, that’ll give us plenty of time to get to know each other a little better.

 Part of the engagement shoot involves me asking you some questions. I’ll get you to share some stories while I’m working, which helps distract you from the camera. And you can ask me anything too.

 Then, when I turn up on your big day, I won’t be the stranger with a camera. I’ll be Mark, the man who’s going to take your photographs while you enjoy yourself and get married!

engaged couple sand looking at sunset

Make good use of your hair and makeup trials

I know how all you brides love to plan your look for your wedding day. You’ll probably be thinking about booking a hair and makeup person to get you looking your absolute best on the big day itself. So, why not put those hair and makeup trials to good use and plan to have them on the morning of your engagement shoot? You’ll get to see how your hair and makeup looks in your photos and you’ll have photos taken whilst looking like a million euros! That can’t be a bad thing, can it?

Photography hints and tips

An engagement shoot is always great for us wedding photographers because it means we can impart a bit of wisdom to you before your special day. Which, in turn, makes our job a thousand times easier on the day itself.

 If we can show you a little bit about how we work, we know you’ll trust us on the wedding day to get on with it. And you’ll be ready for our crazy ideas and suggestions, too. Not to mention we can share helpful tips with you, like how to walk slowly down the aisle so we can get some great shots of you. Or how you should take your time over that first kiss to make sure we don’t miss it (it has been known!).

Print worthy couple photos

I mentioned earlier that, for some, having wedding photos taken might be the first time they’ve ever had professional photographs done. It might even be the first time you have photos as a couple that aren’t blurry phone photos or selfies.

 So, wouldn’t it be lovely to have some photos of the two of you looking relaxed, happy and in love dressed in something other than your wedding outfits? If there’s time, you might even fit an outfit change in (chat with me first to make sure we have time). So, you’ll have a good choice of images in different looks that you’ll be able to print and share online for years afterwards. I hear they make good social media profile shots too!

engaged couple at sunset

Use the photographs

If you haven’t yet announced your engagement, you could use the photographs to do that. Send out ‘Save the Date’ cards with your photo on or use the photographs as part of your wedding décor. I saw one couple use their favourite photo as part of a large mount that they got all their wedding guests to sign. What a great memento that would be. There are all sorts of ideas. The point is, you can use the photographs however you wish. Just chat to me about how soon you’ll need them after the engagement shoot if you’re planning something special!

A bit of you time

Wedding planning can be stressful and chaotic. And it might feel like you never get much time to yourselves in the lead up to your big day. So, an engagement shoot can be a good time to get a bit of time alone for the two of you.

 Put the stress of wedding planning away for a couple of hours and enjoy being together, being in love and happy in each other’s company while you’re having a few photographs taken. I bet you’ll be glad you did!

Want to book an engagement shoot as part of your wedding photography package? Drop me an email and let’s have a chat!