5 Key Photo Moments You Won’t Want To Miss

Tips and tricks to get those key photo moments spot on

There are countless articles and blog posts dotted around the internet advising on the top 50 wedding photos your photographer must get. Here’s a little secret for you – as wedding photographers, we already know! And we also do everything in our power to capture those moments without you even realising it. So trust us, let us get on with capturing the photographs while you enjoy your day. There are a few special photos though that you might not have thought about but can take a little preparation to make sure we get them for you. So, here are my 5 key photo moments you won’t want to miss and how to help me get them on the day.

#1: Morning Prep

If you’re planning on keeping things traditional and getting ready apart on the morning of your wedding, it’s worth having your photographer come in and capture that part of the day. The photos will be lovely for you to see after the day itself, for one thing.

Morning prep is a great part of the day. As you get ready with your girls or boys, with fizz flowing and the excitement building, there are lots of great opportunities for photos. Not to mention all the details we can capture too, like your flowers, the rings and your outfits. It’s also an excellent point to get some emotional photos if you’ve sent each other a card or letter too. 

I’ve written a post all about having a great, stress-free morning so have a read of that!

TOP TIP: Make sure your bridesmaids are ready before you, so they’re all dressed when they start helping you into yours. It makes the photographs prettier!

bridesmaids having fun

#2: First Look

That moment when you first get a glimpse of each other is always a special one. It’s the moment you both realise you’re about to leap into your next big adventure together – married life! And that’s pretty amazing. But it’s not always the easiest moment to capture as a photographer for lots of different reasons. 

If it’s a moment that’s important to you, you can always consider a ‘first look’ which I wrote all about here. A first look is great for lots of reasons. It’ll ensure that it’s captured precisely as it should be, in quiet and private surroundings before the big moment itself.

If, however, you have that first look as you’re coming down the aisle, it’s natural to feel a bit excited, nervous or emotional when the moment comes. If that happens, go with it. It’s ok to show a little bit of emotion on your big day, and it’ll look beautiful and heartwarming in the photographs, I promise.

TOP TIP: Don’t avoid each other’s gaze. Remember to look at each other! It helps to concentrate on each other and forget about all the other people there.

#3: The First Kiss

The first kiss is one of those moments every wedding photographer wants to capture for their couples. It’s a milestone in the wedding ceremony and a shot every couple loves to have. Yet, it can sometimes be tough to capture because it’s over so fast!

The best advice I can give you for that moment is to slow down and take your time. I tell my couples to kiss for slightly longer than feels comfortable in front of your family. And go in for a second and third one too, just to be sure! That way, I can guarantee you a great photo of the moment. 

TOP TIP: Enjoy the moment. Take a few seconds to turn and look at each other. Aim for a good long kiss rather than a quick peck – although you might want to consider keeping it modest as well.

#4: The Walk Back Down The Aisle

You’ve done it. You’ve said the words, and you’re married! Now the party can begin. 

The walk back down the aisle is an excellent opportunity for you to walk together amongst your friends and family in the beautiful surroundings of your ceremony space. So, don’t rush it! Even if you are keen to get to that bar.

Hold hands. Remember to look at each other as well as saying hello to the people around you. Walk slowly and don’t forget to smile. You just got married, after all!

TOP TIP: Stop before you get to the end of the aisle for one more kiss. It’ll be a crowd-pleaser and will, again, make for a great photograph. This is your moment. Enjoy it!

bride and groom walk out of the church

#5: The First Dance

The first dance is one of those moments couples either love or hate. All the attention is on you, and it can feel a bit awkward if you’re not used to that. Some couples will do the obligatory shuffle around the floor for three minutes. Others might love the limelight and have a whole dance choreography planned. And others may choose to get everyone up on the dance floor a few seconds after the first dance begins. Do whatever feels right for you. But remember, if you’re planning one of the latter two options, pre-warn your photographer, so they’re ready to capture what’s happening.

If you’re keeping it to the two of you, don’t rush it. Look at each other, forget the people watching and focus on your other half. Do try to resist the urge to hide your face for the entire thing. It’s lovely if I can get a photograph of the two of you looking at each other (or even the camera) for one photo.

TOP TIP: I may have mentioned this already but… ENJOY THE MOMENT!

If you’re ready to talk about photography for your wedding day, then it’s time we had a chat, don’t you think? Get in touch and let’s talk about your plans.