Wedding Photography at Clonwilliam House

Perched on a hill overlooking the vale of Avoca, sits one of Ireland’s most exclusive wedding venues, Clonwilliam House. This venue only takes a limited number of weddings a year, making it incredibly exclusive. This exclusivity, coupled with the venue’s attention to detail, meant I was very excited to shoot some wedding photography at Clonwilliam House.

As this was the first time I had shot a wedding here, I decided to come earlier to to look around. When I turned into the driveway and and saw the house for the first time, I was blown away. What a fantastic wedding venue!

On arrival I was greeted by Miriam (the owner) who gave me a very quick tour of the house and grounds. The interior matched the exterior perfectly. It was bright, airy and fresh with a modern twist. Everything was set perfectly in place for the day ahead.

The couple getting married that day was Breda and Peter, who first met at the finish line of the New York Marathon. Little did they know that as they finished one race, they were about to begin a brand-new journey together.

Breda and Peter decided to host their entire day at Clonwilliam House. Having a wedding all in one location is always a treat as it means less travelling and more time to celebrate.

The day started with a great atmosphere in both couple’s camps. They had 140 of their closest family and friends joining them and the excitement was palpable.

All the stars were aligned for this one — the venue, the weather and the atmosphere. And, most important of all, Breda and Peter.

Capturing wedding photography at the stunning Clonwilliam House was an amazing. I’m itching to get back there again soon!

“Thanks so much Mark- Amazing results” – B & P

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