How To Plan Your Album

I make it as simple as I can for you while giving you plenty of options to customise your album and make it yours.

You choose the images that go into the album. After all your the one who will be looking through that album for years to come! I recommend choosing around 60 images as a very minimum, but you can go up from there, see pricing below for extra images.

You can choose cover colours and style, and I’ll guide you through that process. Your album will be unique to you, and it is going to look beautiful.

Once you’ve picked your photos, I’ll design the layout for you and then send it over to you for approval before it goes off to the printers. Then it’s a matter of waiting for it to arrive! It’s a hassle free process and you’ll be so glad you factored it into your budget.

Let’s Talk About Wedding Albums Options

So you’re investing in one of the most important books for you and your family and the generations yet to come. That’s a fabulous decision. If you have an album built into your package, or you decided to have one after the big day, you now have a few options and decisions.

1. What size?

2. How many images?

3. What type of cover?

4. What type of box?

Let me help you with these questions.

Loxley Colour

Album Size: 12×8 inch , starting with 60 images: Standard Black Box, Leatherette/Linen cover: Price €690

Album Size 14×10 inch, starting with 60 images: Standard Black Box, Leatherette/Linen cover: Price €790

Supplied Box: Black Box, (you can upgrade to a Linen Covered Box, €30 extra. Image below)

Covers: Massive choice, see covers at

Standard covers are Leatherette (look and feels like leather) Linen and Hessian

Upgraded covers are Real Leather and Paisley etc. are an extra €65, image below

Debossing or Laser Etching are €49 extra (see image below)

Number of images.

All albums start with 60 images.

Extra images are €9 each

10 extra images for €80 (€8 each)

20 onwards are €7 each

Parent Albums

Two parent albums (10×7) €580

Two parent albums 7.5x5inch €190 (Loxley Only)

Loxley Colour Covers & Boxes

Upgraded boxes below only €30

The Album in the video below is a 14×10 Luxe Loxley Colour album with leatherette cover.

(this album is a slight upgrade to the standard 14×10 album, Cost is €750 (60images))

The Album in the video below is a 14×10 Loxley Colour album with Antique White leatherette cover.

The Album in the video below is a 38x25cm Luxe Linen Collection with a linen cover and wood box

“It Becomes A Family Heirloom”

Your wedding album is so much more than just a book of photographs. It’s a family heirloom. It’s a physical reminder of memories that you can sit with on any given afternoon, perched on your knees as you flip the pages and remember the fantastic day you had.

Remember, memories fade but, with careful storage, photos will remain.

There’s something sentimental about wedding albums too. They’re priceless, and your kids and grandkids will treasure your wedding album as much as you ever did.

“Hi Mark.. The album arrived today. Thank you so much. It looks so much better than it did on a screen, the images just pop from the page. We will treasure this forever, it’s prefect. Thanks again for everything, you have been just amazing” Leona & Paul