Mount Druid Wedding

A Magical Venue for Your Special Day

Are you dreaming of a wedding that captures the essence of enchantment and beauty? Look no further than Mount Druid, a stunning wedding venue nestled in the heart of the Irish countryside. With its idyllic setting, rich history, and unique features, Mount Druid offers couples a truly unforgettable experience to celebrate their marriage.

The Boathouse at mount Druid wedding venue

(Mount Druids Boat house)

Unveiling the Magic of Mount Druid

Imagine saying your vows surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. Mount Druid, located in County Westmeath, Ireland, provides a secluded haven away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Its tranquil lakes, rolling hills, and lush greenery create a picturesque backdrop for your special day.

A Journey Through History

outside veiw of the barn at mount druid wedding venue

(The Barn at Mount Druid)

Let’s delve into the rich history of Mount Druid. Originally a cherished family estate, it has been lovingly restored and transformed into a wedding venue by its passionate owners. Their mission is to preserve the venue’s natural splendor and share its captivating ambiance with couples seeking a truly remarkable wedding experience.

Where Dreams Come True: Location and Amenities

Conveniently accessible from both Dublin and Galway, Mount Druid offers the perfect blend of seclusion and accessibility. You and your guests will relish the privacy and tranquility this venue provides. The charming rustic barn, beautifully landscaped gardens, and breathtaking outdoor spaces are just a few of the amenities that await you.

Enchanting Features and Delights

Prepare to be enchanted by the unique features and attractions at Mount Druid. Picture yourself exchanging vows in the Tin Chapel, a captivating non-denominational ceremony space. The Boathouse, with its scenic lake view, beckons as an enchanting backdrop for your wedding photographs.

Delight your guests with a visit to the Druid’s Den, a woodland amphitheater perfect for outdoor performances or heartfelt speeches. And don’t miss the Indian Village, an ethereal space adorned with colorful tents and crackling campfires. These exceptional features infuse Mount Druid with a sense of wonder and create unforgettable memories for you and your loved ones.

Outside photo of Mount Druid's Tin Chapel

(The Tin Chapel At mount Druid)

inside the the tin chapel at mount druid

(Inside The Tin Chapel At mount Druid)

The lake at mount Druid
Garden ornament at Mount Druid
landscape photo of mount druid

Your Vision, Their Expertise: Wedding Services and Packages

At Mount Druid, the dedicated team of experienced wedding planners and coordinators will work closely with you to bring your vision to life. Every detail, no matter how small, will be meticulously planned and executed. From personalized ceremony setups to exquisite catering options, their comprehensive range of services ensures that your wedding day is nothing short of extraordinary.

Choose from a variety of thoughtfully designed packages that include everything from venue hire to accommodation. The aim is to provide you with a stress-free and seamless wedding experience, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – creating beautiful memories with your partner and loved ones.

Accommodation Options: A Home Away from Home

To ensure the utmost convenience and comfort for you and your guests, Mount Druid offers a range of accommodation options. Cosy cottages with their charming interiors and modern amenities provide a welcoming retreat. For those seeking a more adventurous experience, luxurious glamping tents allow guests to immerse themselves in nature while still enjoying the comforts of a well-appointed tent.

Tips for a Dreamy Mount Druid Wedding

Planning your dream wedding can be an exciting yet daunting task. Here are some tips to help you navigate the process smoothly:

  1. Begin early: Mount Druid’s popularity means it’s in high demand. Secure your date well in advance to avoid disappointment.
  2. Collaborate with the wedding planners: The experienced team at Mount Druid will guide you through the planning process, offering valuable insights and suggestions to bring your vision to life.
  3. Embrace the natural beauty: Let the enchanting surroundings of Mount Druid inspire your wedding theme and décor choices. Incorporate elements of nature into your floral arrangements and centrepieces for an organic touch.

Keeva & Gavin discovered the charm of Mount Druid Wedding Venue for their perfect day

Keeva and Gavin were captivated by the aesthetics and distinctive ambiance of the extraordinary Mount Druid wedding venue during their initial visit. Unlike any other venue they had encountered in their quest for the ideal location, Mount Druid stood out with its unparalleled charm. This couple, deeply enamored with its allure, extended an invitation to 150 cherished relatives and friends to partake in their joyous union. With exclusive access to the venue’s expansive grounds and picturesque settings, they were poised to create lasting memories on their special day.

Unforgettable Photographic Opportunities

Mount Druid’s picturesque landscapes and meticulously manicured gardens provide a stunning backdrop for your wedding photographs. Every nook and cranny of this extraordinary venue is a canvas waiting to be immortalized. Keeva and Gavin cherished the opportunity to capture their love against a backdrop that exuded timeless beauty.

the barn at mount druid set up and ready for the guest

(The Barn, ready for the guest to arrive)